Laundry Pro 2.0 Installation in North County

Change the Way You Think about Laundry!

Studies show the average household does more than 550 loads of laundry a year. Maybe your home is similar. Are you tired of spending large amounts of money on boxes or bottles of laundry detergent, and then having to haul the heavy items into your home? Are you concerned with the perfumes, dyes, and other toxic chemicals typically found in laundry products and the irritation they can cause to sensitive skin? Are you aware of the negative impact laundry wastewater has on the environment? Harsh chemicals and substances in most laundry detergents can make your clothes feel stiff, rough, and uncomfortable, meaning you’ll need to invest even more money in fabric softener to try and negate this issue. If you are tired of all the hassle, you’ll be happy to
hear that there’s a better, less expensive, and healthier way to do laundry.

One of our North County plumbing technicians can connect Laundry Pro 2.0 to your existing washing machine. Laundry Pro is a chemical-free and cost-effective way to truly clean your clothes while keeping them soft, vibrant, and in good condition and eliminating the impact of harmful chemicals.

Laundry Pro is:

  • Small and space-saving
  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Compatible with nearly any washing machine system, including both modern high-end washers and older units

It has little to no impact on your plumbing system and can help lower your utility bills, thanks to its revolutionary design that prevents you from ever needing to use hot water for laundry ever again!

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What Does the Laundry Pro 2.0 Do?

The Laundry Pro 2.0 system uses the natural cleaning power of activated oxygen to give your clothes the deepest clean you’ll find anywhere. Think of it like using club soda to remove a stain on your clothes, only with far more concentrated power and effectiveness. Laundry Pro is a low profile, rectangular device that mounts in your laundry room or garage, near your washing machine.

How it works is as follows:

  • Water feeds into the Laundry Pro 2.0, which infuses it with activated oxygen before sending it through a secondary line into your washing machine.
  • The activated oxygen in the water attacks the stains in your clothing without the need for bleach or hot water.
  • For tough stains, you can spray a small amount of pre-wash stain remover.
  • Lastly, simply run your cycle with cold water.

That’s it! You will never have to use hot water, bleach or laundry detergent again. The Laundry Pro does not add any wear and tear to your metal hoses, or to the important water-handling components in your washing machine, and the water is completely safe and non-toxic. In fact, Laundry Pro 2.0 doesn’t add any chemicals or substances to your laundry at all. This also means a significantly decreased environmental footprint as your washing machine won’t be flushing soap-riddled water down the drain when the cycle is complete!

Does the Laundry Pro 2.0 Really Work?

This may sound like it’s too good to be true, and you might think it’s impossible to remove those tough, stuck-on stains without the help of a harsh cleaning chemical. We are here to tell you that not only does the Laundry Pro 2.0 work, but it exceeded our expectations as well. Customers have raved about their experiences with the Laundry Pro 2.0 and loved the immense savings on their monthly household item costs and even their utility bills! We are so confident you’ll love Laundry Pro 2.0 that we’re offering a 30 day, “No Questions Asked” money-back guarantee.

Learn more about the Laundry Pro 2.0 and how it can help you do laundry at home! Contact Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air today for service in Carlsbad, Vista, or anywhere in North County. Also ask us about our VIP Comfort Club and our financing options.

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