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Is Your Home's Temperature Affected by Ventilation?

Is your home stuffy and uncomfortable? Does it feel unnaturally warm? Do you worry about the quality of the air you're breathing? It could be that your house is poorly ventilated. Here's how to improve your home's ventilation.

Ill Effects of Poor Ventilation

If your home has air leaks, it causes drafts, which make things too cold. Likewise, if your home isn't well-ventilated - i.e. it isn't letting enough air in - then your house can get uncomfortably warm and stuffy. It's difficult to regulate the temperature of a house properly if it's poorly ventilated. The excess heat trapped inside overworks the A/C trying to cool things down, wasting energy and wearing out the system.

Likewise, poor ventilation can lower your indoor air quality. As the air gets trapped in your home, unable to circulate properly, contaminants build up over time, including dust, mold, bacteria, and more. This can exacerbate asthma and allergies even leading to illness. But you can improve your IAQ and regulate temperature more effectively by just ventilating your home properly.

Properly Ventilating Your Home

The first step is to open the windows and doors. The air in your home is many times dirtier than the air outside. By letting in clean, fresh air, you improve air circulation and raise your IAQ. The more places you're able to leave open, the better the air will circulate.

In summer, the best time to do this is early in the morning, before the temperatures start to rise. That way, the air you're letting in is not only fresh but cool. Then close things back up in the afternoon, and close the blinds, to keep the cool air in while outside things get hot. Your HVAC system won't have to work as hard to make your home comfortable, and you'll save energy.

There are also mechanical systems that can bring outdoor air into your home automatically. These whole-house ventilation systems can save energy and improve your air quality.

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