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Common HVAC Problems You Might Face this Spring

As the weather warms, you'll have an interim where you may be able to turn off the heat and open the windows for some fresh air. But it won't be long before summer's here and you're running the air conditioner again. For most homeowners that means just switching to a different control. But sometimes, you may experience some spring HVAC problems that are unique to your air conditioner.

Here's what to look out for:

Clogged Condensate Drain

As air from the home is drawn into the system, it passes by the evaporator coils. Moisture from the air is drawn out and condenses on them, then drains away through the condensate pan and drain. Over time, the pan can become clogged by sludge. It must be rinsed out with bleach and the clog removed. Telltale signs of this are the sound of dripping water inside your unit or pools of water on the floor.

Dirty Coils

Over time, the coils on the air conditioner, inside or out, can become dirty. When that happens, the air conditioning process can be impeded, reducing your unit's efficiency and even harming the parts. The evaporator coils in the inside section of the A/C may become dirty as your home's air is drawn past them. The outdoor condenser coils may become dirty over the winter as wind blows dust around your yard. You can rinse the outdoor coils with a hose, although they may need a more thorough going over with coil cleaner and a brush. Your best option is to ask your HVAC tech to perform this chore when you schedule spring maintenance.

Worn Refrigerant Lines

Over time, the outdoor lines that carry refrigerant to and from the compressor may develop leaks, while the insulation wrapped around the cool line may become worn. Your HVAC tech should check the lines annually to make sure they are in good shape so that the unit is cooling properly.

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