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3 Steps to Registering HVAC Products

When you make an investment in new HVAC products for your San Diego home, you need the assurance that the equipment is protected by a manufacturer's warranty against breakdowns and failures due to factory defects. The exact terms of the coverage provided can vary between brands, but it's important to meet the manufacturer's requirements for registering your HVAC purchase to ensure that your warranty stays intact. Following these steps can make registering easy:

1) Learn How Your Manufacturer Handles Product Registrations

Your installer or equipment manufacturer is your best source of advice on the specifics of registering your new HVAC products. As a general guide, here's what you might learn:

  • Depending on the manufacturer, you may need to register a new equipment purchase within a specific time frame, typically 60 or 90 days, or lose out on any warranty coverage.
  • Some brands will still cover defects in equipment that's not registered, but they shorten the warranty length considerably, which can cost you several years' worth of protection.
  • Other manufacturers provide a standard warranty without requiring registration, but they recommend it so they can contact you about product recalls and updates.

2) Ask About Registration Incentives and Extended Warranties

You should also ask your HVAC contractor if your manufacturer offers any incentives for registering new equipment promptly. For instance, on certain equipment types and models, registering within 60 or 90 days can extend or double the warranty period on parts. In some cases, authorized installers man also offer optional upgraded warranties that cover labor and repairs when you register certain models within the time limit.

3) Complete Your Registration As Recommended

With some brands, you may need to fill out a registration card that comes with the equipment, then mail it in to the manufacturer. Others offer the convenience of filling out a form online on their company website. To make registering easier, be sure to have any required information handy, like the equipment model and serial numbers, and your installation details.

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