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Things to Do Before Turning Your Air Conditioner Back On

Have you had to use your air conditioner yet? If not, we're glad you're enjoying the spring breezes and the fresh air that your open windows are allowing. However, summer heat is pretty much inevitable, so you need to be ready for turning on your air conditioner. For most homeowners, that's a matter of flicking the control from "heat" to "cool," but in case you weren't aware, there should be a little prep involved.

Following are some of our recommendations for turning on your air conditioner this summer.

Schedule Maintenance

You've probably heard it before, but it really does pay to schedule preventative maintenance every spring. Your HVAC technician will go over your equipment thoroughly, looking for worn parts that, if not replaced, could lead to expensive repairs. Other maintenance will include inspecting and cleaning the condensate drain, cleaning coils, inspecting the electrical connections, checking the controls and thermostat and making sure there are no refrigerant leaks. With good maintenance, your system will run smoother and more efficiently, and cost you less on your utility bill.

Change Your Air Filter

If you have trouble remembering to change the air filter regularly, make a note to always do it at the change of seasons. A clean air filter will promote good air flow, so that your system runs cleaner and more efficiently. A dirty air filter impedes the A/C's ability to remove moisture from the home -- an important factor in your home comfort.

Clear Vents, Grilles of Obstructions

Check around your vents and grilles. Move furniture, rugs or any objects that might be covering vents and impeding air flow. Your system will cool the home more effectively if it can easily draw in return air, and easily distribute conditioned air.

Check for Obstructions Around the Condenser

Inspect the area around your outdoor condenser. Clear away tall grass, weeds, leaves or anything that might restrict air flow. Move garden furniture or tools away from the unit.

To schedule maintenance before turning on your air conditioner, contact Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning. We serve the north county area of San Diego.

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