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How to Keep Your Guests Cool at Summer Parties

If you've invested in creating an attractive outdoor entertainment area, prime time for hosting guests is probably in the summer. But entertaining in the hot months can have a down side. Sure you want to show off your outdoor oasis, but what if it's just too warm for your guests to be comfortable? And then there are indoor parties: how do you keep guests comfortable when there are just too many bodies gathered indoors?

1. Shade

Chances are you planned this component when you designed your outdoor area, either with shading trees, or a roof over your patio or outdoor dining area. If it's not as much shade as you need, look into installing umbrellas. Another option is to install a permanent canopy, or to put up portable canopies as needed. The latter can be stored away when not in use. Over time, as your landscape develops, note shady or sunny areas while the sun follows its path. You can erect a vine-covered trellis or other garden feature where the sun is peeping in.

2. Fans

Ceiling fans are one of your best bets, indoors or outside, as they are quiet and move air around so we feel cooler as perspiration evaporates on our skin. However, they may not work in all your outdoor entertainment areas, such as under a canopy, umbrellas or trees. In that case, try portable fans, which can be moved around as you need them, then stored away. Fans also help cut your utility expenses.

3. Misting options

You can install a misting system to cool off guests, or use portable misting fans. Misting has a downside, in that it wastes water during drought.

4. Indoor parties

When entertaining a large group indoors, nudge the thermostat down to 62-66 degrees to ensure comfort. That might seem chilly, but with a lot of people, and the oven in use, you'll need to keep temperatures cooler.

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