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Ways to Save Energy in the Winter

How to Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bill

The weather may be cold outside, but that doesn't necessarily mean that your heating bills need to skyrocket. Energy savings during the winter are relatively easy to achieve with these tips.

Schedule an HVAC Technician

Your heating system should be serviced annually by a qualified HVAC technician to keep it running efficiently and to check for any problems that might arise. This will also help the extend the system's operational lifespan, which means replacement of your equipment can be delayed for as long as possible.

Upgrade Your Thermostat and/or Adjust the Settings

Thermostat settings often get changed throughout the holidays, especially if you have guests over during that time, so make sure that the settings are set to a reasonable (and energy-efficient) temperature. You may also consider an upgrade to either a programmable or smart thermostat, both of which give you better control over heating and cooling than manual units.

Bundle Up Whenever You Can

Instead of reaching for the thermostat every time the temperature drops, why not just grab something warm to cover up with? Sweaters and blankets provide a great way to stay warm throughout the season without breaking the bank from high utility bills.

Seal Air Leaks

Cracks and gaps around your doors and windows cause air to escape, thereby forcing your heating system to work harder and longer than it should. You can help stop this waste of energy by sealing these areas with either caulking, spray foam, or weatherstripping, depending on the size.

Lower the Temperature of Your Water Heater

Everyone loves a hot shower, but many homes have their water heater turned up higher than needed, which wastes energy and wears out the unit more quickly over time. Try turning down the setting and see if the water still gets hot enough for you.

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