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Uneven Cooling Fixes for Two-Story Homes

Uneven cooling is all too common for the second floor of two-story homes to be too warm. Heat naturally rises, and when it’s combined with mechanical issues that impede the delivery of air, the upstairs gets even hotter. If your home’s second floor is too warm, consider the following steps to solve the problems.

Check the air filter.

Sometimes an overly dirty air filter blocks the airflow enough to starve the second floor of airflow.

Have your HVAC inspected.

Ask a licensed HVAC pro to look over your system for any issues that might cause the airflow to the second floor to be lower than the first level. HVAC technicians can test the airflow coming from each register to check its velocity. If the air pressure is uneven, the HVAC technician can balance the airflow through the ducts.

There may also be ductwork leaks somewhere along the duct runs that lower the air pressure. Not only do ductwork leaks reduce your comfort, they also increase cooling and heating bills substantially.

Consider zoning your home.

If the ductwork is tight and the airflow to the upstairs rooms is balanced, consider installing a zoning system to solve uneven cooling. This adaptation for an HVAC system divides the home into separate zones. Each has its own thermostat and the ductwork leading to that zone has a motorized damper that opens when conditioned air is needed.

You can set each zone at its own temperature. Not only does a zoning system assure your comfort, it also saves considerable energy.

Look over the insulation levels in the attic.

Adding more will keep the second floor rooms cooler. There should be at least eight inches in the attic. Adding more will lower the amount of heat seeping from the attic into the ceilings. Attic temperatures on a sunny summer afternoon can easily exceed 100 degrees F.

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