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You Need to Know These Common Energy Myths

Saving energy in your North San Diego home helps you lower your energy bills while also helping the environment. In order to make sure you’re doing what you can to reduce energy usage, watch out for these common energy myths:

Energy Myth: Electronics and Appliances Don’t Use Energy When They’re Off

Even if you have your computer or other electronic devices and appliances turned off, they still keep drawing energy as long as they’re plugged in. To save energy, unplug these devices and appliances when you’re not using them. You can make this easier to do by keeping them plugged into a power strip and shutting it off.

Energy Myth: Leaving Your Thermostat at the Same Temperature Saves Energy

Having your thermostat set at the same temperature whether or not you’re home doesn’t save energy. Instead, it’s better to lower your thermostat a few degrees before leaving the house in winter and raise it a few degrees before leaving in summer. When you do this, your heating and air conditioning don’t run as often when you’re not home, which helps you save energy.

Energy Myth: Sleep Mode Is Better Than Powering Devices On and Off

One of the most common energy myths is that putting computers and other electronic devices in sleep mode is more energy-efficient than turning them on and off. However, these devices are still using energy while they’re in sleep mode. If you won’t be using them, it’s better to turn them off until you need them. It’s even better to unplug them when you shut them off since they’ll still draw energy.

Energy Myth: Closing Vents Reduces Energy

Closing vents in unused rooms might seem like a good way to save energy, but it can actually raise your energy usage. Having vents closed makes your HVAC system work harder to heat or cool your home, leading to more energy usage, more wear and tear, and higher energy bills.

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