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Energy Efficiency: Ceiling Fans and Your Home

Without a doubt, a ceiling fan is one of the most effective ways to increase your comfort during the summer. They let you decrease the indoor temperature, which cuts your electric bill, without experiencing uncomfortable heat inside.

While they help you save your energy dollars, you might be able to increase your savings even more by looking at the efficiency and effectiveness of the fans themselves.

Make it Simple

Although it’s a voluntary program for manufacturers of equipment and devices that use electricity, most manufacturers submit their products that meet the EPA’s Energy Star guidelines. The label is the easiest way for you to identify energy efficient fans. You may even see a “Most Efficient” label, which means that it is even more efficient than the EPA requires to meet the Energy Star guidelines.

Check the Math

Recent changes to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) labeling requirements also make it easy to spot how energy efficient a ceiling fan is. The label now requires the manufacturer to reveal the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air the fan moves and its electrical consumption in watts. By dividing the CFM by the watts used, you’ll find its airflow efficiency. Higher airflow efficiency is better. These calculations are conveniently stated on the EnergyGuide label that the DOE now requires the packaging for all new ceiling fans.

Other Considerations

Blade length, down rods, and light kits make a difference in the efficiency of ceiling fans. The DOE recommends the following blade lengths for these room sizes:

  • Up to 144 sq.ft. (square feet): Up to 42 inches blade length
  • 144 to 225 sq.ft.: 44 inches
  • 400 sq.ft.: 54 inches

Ceiling height matters as well. The fan should be eight to nine feet above the floor for maximum comfort. Check the light bulbs to make sure they’re either LED or CFL for maximum energy savings.

The new labeling guidelines make it easier to find the right ceiling fan for your home to achieve savings without sacrificing comfort. To learn more, contact Sherlock Air Conditioning & Heating, providing trusted HVAC services for North County homeowners.