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Home Additions: What You Should Know

A home addition can add needed space and new life to your home. It can upgrade its overall aesthetic appearance and potentially elevate its value if you decide to sell in the future. However, a home addition is also a big step for most homeowners and not something to undertake on an impulse. Here are some of the issues you’ll need to consider in the decision-making process:

How Will You Handle HVAC?

Adding air conditioning and heating to a new addition requires planning. Depending on your budget and the size and location of the add-on, you may opt to extend central ductwork from the existing house into the new section. However, for a single room, a ductless mini-split heat pump provides highly efficient cooling and heat to an individual add-on without the substantial cost and complications of installing ductwork.

Do You Have Space?

Residential zoning laws differ according to location. As a general rule, however, in most municipalities home additions cannot extend any further out than within 20 feet of your front property line, within 7.5 feet of either side or within 15 feet of the rear property line. Height limits in residential areas may prohibit adding an additional level to the house.

Will The Addition Match Your House?

You don’t want your new segment to stand out conspicuously from the present house. It’s important to choose a design and materials that provide a seamless transition from existing structure into the new addition. Not every home layout can gracefully accommodate all types of additions.

Does Adding On Always Add Value?

Not all additions are created equal when it comes to boosting your home’s market value. For example, garage conversions tend to have only marginal effect on the resale price of a house. Adding another bedroom to the main structure, conversely, typically returns over 60 percent of its cost in added resale value while an extra bathroom or new sunroom returns around 50 percent.

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