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Don’t Forget About Your HVAC System in Your Spring Cleaning Chores

Now that winter is over, it’s the ideal time to give the house a thorough cleaning before hot summer weather settles in. When you’re making a list of chores to tackle, be sure to add the following HVAC spring cleaning tasks to boost the system’s performance and energy efficiency, and preserve your indoor air quality.

Clean the Return Air Registers

With every HVAC system cycle, airborne dust and debris is drawn to the return registers. As they clog up, vital airflow that’s needed for the system to function properly can start to decline, so it’s important to keep them clean. Vacuum them first to get rid of any loose debris, then take the registers off and give them a thorough cleaning on both sides with clean soapy water. While they’re off, vacuum any dust bunnies inside the accessible return duct.

Scrub the Floor Registers

Your floor registers can become a repository for an unappealing collection of miscellaneous items over the winter months, like dust, human and pet hair, animal dander, stray pieces of pet food—virtually any small bits of debris that hit the floor can fall through. To scrub them clean, follow the same procedure you used for the return registers. Be sure to let all of the registers dry thoroughly before putting them back in place.

Clean Up Around the Outdoor Unit

Broken branches, twigs, dead leaves and other yard debris that collects around the outdoor unit over the winter can impede airflow through the condenser coil. To prevent this, tidy the area up before you start using the air conditioner this spring, and trim back any overgrown vegetation within a two-foot radius of the unit.

Schedule Professional HVAC Spring Cleaning

During a spring maintenance visit, an HVAC technician inspects and tunes up the equipment, and cleans dirt and debris from key components including the blower unit, evaporator coil and outdoor condenser coil. Your technician can also inspect the ducts to see if negative pressure duct cleaning is needed.

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