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Helpful Ways to Control Pollutants in Your Home

You know the value of air sealing your home, but energy efficiency has a down side: the better you are at keeping air and energy indoors, the better you are at keeping air pollution indoors, too. Your air is polluted every day by a number of sources, from cleaning products to cooking fumes, and from shed skin cells to emissions from your HVAC system. Thankfully, there are ways you can control pollutants so that you can breathe easy.

  • Keep your HVAC system serviced — Not only will regular servicing make sure that your system runs at peak efficiency, but it will also make sure it’s not releasing fumes or carbon monoxide into your indoor air.
  • Change your furnace air filter once a month — Your air filter can do a great job of catching particulate matter and removing it from your circulating air. But when the filter begins to clog with all the particles it’s catching, it impedes airflow – and when air’s not flowing, it’s not being cleaned.
  • Install ventilation systems — Having a whole-house ventilation system lets you bring in fresh air and get rid of the stale stuff. A heat recovery ventilator or energy recovery ventilator will make sure that you’re not getting rid of your heating or cooling dollars, too.
  • Cut down on your chemical use — Don’t go straight for the harshest cleaners you can find – consider gentler, more natural alternatives. Remember, if you can smell it, that means you’re breathing it. Do you really want bleach in your lungs?
  • Keep things clean — Vacuum regularly, and try not to let clutter build up. Clutter makes it much more likely that dust can gather in your home. And dust can support the growth of dust mites, which are among the most common allergens in the US.
  • Manage your humidity — High humidity can lead to mold and fungus; low humidity can lead to excess dust. Use humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers to find the right balance.

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