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Want to Save Energy and Money? Try a Zoning System in Your Home

With a zoning system, you’ll gain the flexibility you need to truly optimize your indoor temperatures in San Diego’s hot, dry summers and rainy winters.

Gain Control Over Your Indoor Climate

A zoning system lets you divide your home into two or more zones (rooms or groups of rooms) that can be heated and cooled independently from each other. To do this, it uses a central control panel, a programmable thermostat in each zone, and dampers inside the ducts to direct airflow. This system allows you to direct your conditioned air where it’s needed most.

Enjoy Greater Comfort and Savings

By giving you more control over your HVAC system, a zoning system lets you more easily adjust the temperatures in different parts of your home. If you have a certain room that’s hard to get warm or cool enough, you can direct more conditioned air there. If you spend your day in your home office, you can direct more air there during the day and more toward your bedroom at night. These systems are especially helpful in homes that have:

  • Multiple floors
  • A room addition
  • A finished attic or basement
  • A room with a high ceiling
  • A room with large window

When one part of your home is hard to heat or cool, you end up adjusting the thermostat for the whole house just to achieve the right temperature in that area. This leaves the rest of the house overheated or overcooled, so energy goes to waste producing that unnecessary conditioned air. A zoned system can better distribute the air so every part of your home receives the right amount and nothing is wasted. You save energy and enjoy lower bills.

With the load on your furnace and A/C reduced, the equipment doesn’t have to work so hard to supply enough warm and cool air. That means less wear and tear on the components and, in turn, fewer repairs and replacements.

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