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It’s Necessary to Have Tight Ducts to Keep Heat Inside Your Home

Prevent Warm Air Leaks - Have Your Ducts Serviced Today!

San Diego has beautiful sunny days, but reliable heat is still important. Annual visits from experienced technicians are an important part of HVAC care. Here are red flags that professionals watch for:

  1. Air circulates through your home in ductwork. Tight ducts are important for the heated air to efficiently travel to the cooler areas of your home. If the ducts are leaky, the warmth is lost in uninsulated spaces in the walls and attic. The room or rooms with thermostats do not get warmer, so the furnace will continue to run. This can cause your heating bill to spike.
  2. The grates in the walls and floors where hot air is released are called registers. Without sufficient airflow around the registers, the rooms will stay cold. Furniture being placed too close to the registers is one common, easily fixed problem, but the airflow can also be blocked by accumulated debris behind the register. If it is close to the grate, you may be able to remove it with your fingers. A vacuum hose can dislodge small objects and dirt that are out of reach of your hands.
  3. Ductwork should not shift while air is moving around. Tight ducts will be silent, but loose or broken ducts often make rattling or banging sounds.
  4. Whistling sounds similar to wind can be heard through the registers if there is insufficient space for the air to move through. This can be caused by accumulated dirt and other small items or it can be from ductwork that is too narrow to accommodate the amount of air required to heat your home.
  5. Last, the technician will explain why having a professional repair your ductwork will save you money. Using professional grade materials, such as mastic, sheet metal, and fiberglass, retain heat more effectively than duct tape will, lowering your heat bill. Additionally, amateur repair work is not likely to last for very long and may even be cause serious damage to your HVAC system.

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