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Setting the Record Straight on Myths About Saving Energy

Common energy-saving myths can lead you to waste energy unnecessarily. Even in the mild San Diego climate, that can mean higher cooling and heating bills. Understanding these myths will help you avoid this.

Myth: Closed air registers save energy.
Closing air registers in unused rooms does nothing to reduce the demand on your A/C or furnace and therefore doesn’t save energy. This misguided technique only creates a pressure imbalance in your heating and cooling system that can damage the components.

Myth: Ceiling fans reduce the air temperature.
Fans cool your body by blowing air over your skin, but they have no effect on the ambient air temperature. When you’ll be out of the room for more than a few minutes, turn off the fan to save energy.

Myth: Raising your thermostat temperature heats your house faster.
Your thermostat temperature doesn’t change how fast your system heats or cools. It will only cause your system to run longer, ultimately wasting energy. If you want your home to be a specific temperature at a certain time, install a smart programmable thermostat.

Myth: Drafty windows should be replaced.
If your windows are drafty, use caulk and weatherstripping to block the air leaks around them. This alone can reduce your home’s cooling and heating bills by 10 to 15 percent.

Myth: It’s cheaper to maintain a stable indoor temperature than to heat up a cold house.
This is one of the most costly energy-saving myths around. In reality, you’ll use less energy by turning your furnace or A/C off or to a more economical temperature while you’re out than by leaving it on all day.

Myth: It’s cheaper to let electronics run than to turn them on and off.
Turning off electronics when you’re not using them is nearly always more economical. Place groups of electronics, such as your entertainment center, on a power strip so you can turn the whole group off with one switch.

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