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Water Heater Sizing: Does Your Home Need Multiple?

When the time comes to replace a water heater or look at water heater placement in new construction or renovations, it’s worth asking the question: “Should we install more than one?”

With new construction, you have more choice about where you place your water heaters. When you’re just replacing your existing model or working with your old floor plan on renovations, your options may be more limited, especially when you’re considering traditional “storage” model water heaters.

Storage models are the old-fashioned water heaters that come with a tank. With this model, you have to dedicate a specific amount of floor space to the water heater. It functions by filling the tank with water and warming it to the set temperature. The water heater continues to keep the stored water warm until it is needed. Then the water travels from the water heater’s location to the point of demand.

Problems With the Traditional Model

There are a few disadvantages to this setup. One of the biggest problems is that any point of demand that’s far away from your water heater results in a wait before you get hot water.

Another issue is capacity. Your water tank can only hold so much hot water. Once it’s used up, you have to wait to get more.

Solutions That Fit Your Home

Tankless water heaters were invented to solve the problems with traditional storage models. Some advantages of the tankless model include:

  1. Installs in different locations. Tankless water heaters are compact and can be placed almost anywhere along a water pipe’s route. They attach to the wall, freeing up floor space. In fact, they can go in attics and crawlways if needed.
  2. Proximity. Since you have more options on installation location, you can place tankless water heaters near your home’s points of demand, reducing wait time.
  3. Energy savings. Tankless heaters “heat as you go” instead of maintaining gallons of heated water for long periods of time. This saves money on your energy bill.

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