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Here’s What the Information on the EnergyGuide Label Tells You

It can be quite a lengthy process to research the features and energy efficiency stats of different HVAC systems and appliances. If you want the best deal and system for your home, vigilant homework is required. Fortunately, there’s a bright yellow tag attached to most energy-using HVAC systems and appliances that make the job easier for you. Read on to learn how the EnergyGuide label can help!

EnergyGuide Information

The EnergyGuide label is part of a federally-mandated program designed to help consumers make educated choices when purchasing HVAC units, appliances, and other products. Manufacturers of these products submit the testing results in an annual report to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This way, you know that the information contained on EnergyGuide labels is current up to one year.

Following is a basic guide to the EnergyGuide label:

  • Top left-hand corner displays product designation, features, size, and capacity.
  • Top right-hand corner displays the manufacturer, make, and model of the product.
  • Middle area displays the energy efficiency of the product (e.g. 22 SEER for a high-efficiency central air conditioner), and how the product compares to similar models in the same class. You’ll also find the estimated annual operating cost and estimated annual energy usage. These estimates are based on national averages for cost and usage.
  • The Energy Star logo will be displayed at the bottom for products that meet stringent efficiency ratings, offer advanced features and better service than other models.

Cost Analysis

The first cost of any product is the sticker price, sales tax, and any other cost at the point of sale. The lifetime cost of any product is the true investment. For example, the lifetime cost of a high-efficiency heat pump is based on the sum of the first cost, estimated operating cost for life, and the estimated maintenance and repair cost for life. With this cost analysis, you can make a more informed choice for real value.

When you’re ready to install HVAC equipment in your Greater San Diego home, use the information from your EnergyGuide label and contact the pros at Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air!