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Have You Completed This Home Safety Checklist?

No matter how good your insurance is, staying on top of home safety gives you peace of mind knowing you’ve done all you can to keep your family secure. The preventive measures included in this checklist reduce the risk of hazardous situations from developing indoors and out.

Indoor Safety

  • If you use power strips or surge protectors to supply power several devices, check it periodically to make sure it’s not overloaded. If it feels warm to the touch, it could be fire hazard.
  • Repair or replace anything with a frayed cord and verify that no cords run under rugs. Never use an appliance or device that emits a burning rubber smell when it’s running.
  • Use the correct voltage for extension cords, especially for small appliances like toasters and hair dryers. Even though they’re small, they use a lot of electricity. Match the voltage of the device to the extension cord.
  • Before the cooling season starts, have your HVAC system inspected by a licensed contractor. Although heat pumps and air conditioners don’t use a combustible fuel, their wiring and electrical components can cause fires when they’re neglected, exceptionally dirty, or the cords are frayed. Besides increasing home safety, a tuned-up HVAC system costs less to operate.
  • Check your carbon monoxide detector batteries monthly, especially if you use gas appliances or have an attached garage. CO detectors use more energy than smoke detectors, which should be checked annually.

Outdoor Security

  • Verify that you have working lights by each entry door. If you don’t want them on continually, consider installing a motion sensor switch in the fixture that will turn them on only when they detect movement.
  • Check your door locks. If you have a window or glass panel near an exterior door, put in a double-cylinder deadbolt that requires a key for both sides. Hang the interior key out of arm’s reach from the door.

By taking steps to maintain the security of your home indoors and out, you’ll have a stronger sense of home safety. To learn more, contact Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air, proudly serving North County homeowners.