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What Everyone Should Know About Home Energy Audits

Long, hot and dry San Diego summers can quickly drive up your cooling bill if your home isn’t well prepared. Keeping warm in winter takes some preparation, too. Home energy audits are designed to help you get your home ready for whatever the seasons bring so you can stay more comfortable while spending less.

How an Energy Audit Benefits You

There are numerous ways to improve a building’s energy efficiency, but not all are equally useful for every home. During a home energy audit, an experienced heating and cooling technician will perform a comprehensive review of your home to uncover your biggest energy wasters. This shows you which home improvements will give you the greatest benefits for the money spent. So if you’ve been wondering whether it’s a better investment to upgrade your air conditioner or add insulation to your walls, an energy audit will let you know.

Home energy audits can also catch problems you might not otherwise discover until they harm your home or health. This includes low or high humidity, mold and lack of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

What Happens During an Energy Audit

Your audit will begin with an interview to discuss any heating, cooling or ventilation problems you may be having, followed by a visual inspection of your home. After this, your technician will run a number of tests to collect hard data.

A blower door test, involving a large fan, will be used to determine if your home could benefit from air sealing. Your air ducts will be checked, too. To assess the insulation in your attic, walls, floors and basement, your technician will take infrared photos of your home. These clearly display areas of excessive heat loss or gain that could be improved by adding insulation.

Your appliances will be inspected and tested for safety and efficiency, so you’ll know exactly which ones should be upgraded to new models.

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