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Helpful Ways to Reduce Household Dust and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Given the San Diego area’s arid climate, some dust will inevitably find its way into your home. Because this common air contaminant lowers your indoor air quality, however, dust should never be ignored. There are plenty of simple ways to get rid of it.

Stop Dust at Its Source

Bed linens accumulate dust quickly, so wash yours once a week. Shake out your blankets weekly, too. If you have clothes that shed or collect dust, store them in boxes, drawers or garment bags.

Clean Thoroughly

Start by keeping your home’s surfaces clutter-free so dust has fewer places to hide. To clean up dust instead of just redistributing it, use microfiber or electrostatic dust cloths and mops. Vacuum carpets with an agitator (brush) attachment, and use a brush-free attachment on hardwood or tile floors. Take your area rugs outside at least monthly and beat the dust out with a rug beater or broom.

Enlist Your Heating and Cooling System

Thin fiberglass HVAC air filters trap very little dust. For better indoor air quality, equip your system with an air filter of Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 5 to 11. If you have allergies or asthma, go for MERV 10 or 11 filters. While you’re cleaning your house, switch your heating and cooling system to “fan only.” This pulls your home’s air through the system’s filter, trapping the dust and other particles kicked up while you’re cleaning.

Increase Your Ventilation

If you have only exhaust fans for ventilation, consider having a balanced whole-house ventilation system installed. These systems draw out dusty indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air that’s been filtered to remove contaminant particles.

Air Seal Your Home

Tiny cracks around windows and doors let in dust, pollen, and many other air contaminants. These leaks also waste your heated and cooled air. To keep your air clean and save energy, seal the leaks by applying caulk to non-movable surfaces and weatherstripping to movable surfaces.

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