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Is Preventative HVAC Maintenance a Good Investment?

Preventative HVAC maintenance is often overlooked, but this annual investment is essential for homeowners who want to maintain proper comfort levels in their Vista home. It’s a fact that regular maintenance will minimize your expenses in the long-run.

Investing in the Life of Your System

To keep your system in top shape, you should schedule preventative HVAC maintenance at least twice a year. Have a professional service your system once during the spring and again in the fall to prepare your air conditioner or heating system for the seasons ahead.

At these appointments, your HVAC professional will tighten belts, lubricate electrical connections, clean your system and ensure that everything is in good working order. This visit will help you catch potential problems before they become costly repairs while extending the overall life of your system.

Lowering Your Energy Costs

Preventative HVAC maintenance can lower your energy costs by helping your system run more efficiently. However, some DIY maintenance tasks can help improve your system’s energy efficiency as well. Make sure to change your air filters once a month, and adjust your thermostat seasonally to further lower operating costs.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Your HVAC system circulates air through your entire home regularly. A dirty system will circulate dirty air and may cause a variety of health and comfort issues related to poor indoor air quality. Change your filters regularly and schedule annual HVAC maintenance to keep all of your system parts clean. This is a smart investment for both your health and your home.

Contact Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air today to schedule your preventative HVAC maintenance in the Vista area. We offer an annual maintenance plan that includes discounts on air-quality products, repairs, and replacements, which can all add value to your investment.