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Summer Energy Conservation Tips Any Business Can Benefit From

Energy conservation tips for businesses in San Diego pay off bigger in summer than any time of year. During the hottest months of the year, utility costs soar as air conditioning expenses take center stage, often tipping the 50 percent balance point in your total electrical consumption.

Meaningful reductions in energy use are typically achieved by addressing a myriad of smaller issues that impact the larger picture. Not all strategies are applicable to every commercial enterprise, however, most San Diego companies can find at least a few helpful starting points in these energy conservation tips for businesses.

  • If your company utilizes heavy equipment that draws high wattage, try to schedule usage earlier in the day and taper off by 3 p.m. when peak hours begin and utility rates typically rise.
  • Adjust any timer-controlled outdoor lighting to accommodate the longer hours of daylight during summer. Alternatively, put all outdoor lights on photocell controls that turn them on as darkness falls. Indoors, utilize timers or motion sensors to automatically cut off lights in unoccupied parts of the building.
  • Electronics like computers, printers, and photocopy machines should all have an energy-saving sleep option. Make sure that the sleep option is enabled in the settings.
  • If you don’t have a programmable thermostat controlling cooling and heating in your facility, install one. If you do have one, make sure it’s being utilized properly and that programmed temperature settings are updated to reflect the change of seasons. Also, utilizing a model that requires a password to alter temperature settings or one that can be placed in a locked enclosure, helps prevent unauthorized overcooling.
  • Sunlight streaming in through windows carries radiant heat energy. Block it by closing blinds or curtains on sun-facing parts of the building or applying solar film to the glass to reject the heat energy wavelengths in sunlight.
  • Have your air conditioning equipment inspected and tuned up by an HVAC service professional annually. Also, make sure your maintenance staff stays on top of regular upkeep like A/C air filter changes.

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