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How Does House Mold Affect People?

Living in a house with mold can be quite dangerous. If you suffer from mold allergies, it might be difficult for you to live comfortably, since you’ll likely feel ill or develop an allergic reaction as a result.

When you decide on buying a house, it’s advisable that you ensure no patches exist. Proper home inspection is a good way to identify areas where mold is likely to develop. Mold likes to thrive in damp spaces, such as your bathroom and shower.

Effects of Mold on People

Mold is toxic and is known to produce substances scientifically referred to as mycotoxins, as well as irritants and allergens. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, house mold is dangerous and is known to cause death in humans.

Too much exposure to house mold can result in endless headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and nose bleeding. Even in people who aren’t allergic to mold, they may experience skin, nose, throat and eye irritation.

In children, exposure to house mold has been linked to an increase in asthma. A study on indoor mold and its effects on health estimated that a significant percentage — 3 to 90 percent — of the U.S population tested positive for mold allergens without the presence of symptoms.

How to Remove House Mold

Removing mold can be done by using commercial soaps, bleach solution, and water. As a protective measure, remember to wear gloves that are non-porous, as well as protective eyewear. Windows and doors should also be left open to circulate fresh air.

Preventing Molds

Removing mold in your house can be a daunting task. This is where you need to seek professional advice. You can also try handling the problem yourself, but you to need deal with the moisture issue, which contributes to the development of mold. Professionals can install heating and air conditioning thermostats, which help prevent mold from building up.

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