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Tips for Cleaning Home Heating Vents for Winter Use

Cleaning your heating vents is crucial for energy efficiency and the health of those living in your home. Over time, HVAC systems get clogged with dust, detritus and particles that can be a breeding ground for bacteria, hindering your system’s ability to provide adequate heat.

The first step when cleaning home heating vents is to visually inspect your grates. Use dust wads and swipe until all accumulated dust is removed from each output grate. Next, head to your heating system and check the filter. Most systems have removable or disposable filters.

Removing filters comes down to the simple matter of finding the attachment points. After they’ve been removed, replace them with a new, clean vent. This alone with save energy costs and make your HVAC system much more energy efficient.

Next, scrape and wash the grates, both inside and out. Use a screwdriver to remove the grates and give them a proper washing with dish soap. If they fit, run them through the pots and pans cycle and allow them to dry. This removes all sediment and germs, making your system healthier and more fuel efficient.

Getting into your ducts with a long dusting wad and thoroughly rubbing them out is highly recommended. This is yet another step in ridding your HVAC system of accumulated dust and grit. After this is completed, heated air can flow with fewer impediments, lowering your energy costs. This also prevents dust and grime from discharging throughout your home, while reducing the risk of bacterial infections and the spread of unwanted germs.

If your issues still don’t clear up, especially after changing the heating vent on your HVAC system, it’s time to call in a professional to see if there’s something mechanically wrong with your machine. Stay warm and safe by keeping your heating system clean this winter. When you’re ready for a maintenance check, contact Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning in San Diego.