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Stay Comfortable with a Humidifier this Season

Until recently, inefficient heating and structural gaps caused most homes to be uncomfortably cold during the winter. Today, modern furnaces provide reliably steady warmth. However, air being circulated is stripped of moisture before it leaves the heating ducts.

Humidifiers release moisture into the air, making it healthier and more comfortable. Small humidifiers are inexpensive and have the advantage of being easily moved from room to room. However, a humidifier can only treat a small area of your home at a time. Additionally, there is very little control over how much moisture is added to the air.

Choosing a whole-house humidifier allows you to add moisture to all of the air circulating through the house. The same thermostat controlling your heat is able to fine tune the amount of moisture that is added to the air.

Here are a few of the many ways that you can benefit from the addition of a whole-house humidifier to your HVAC system:

  • Keeping the house’s humidity between 30 and 50 percent will help avoid mold problems or condensation on windows.
  • Adding moisture to the air protects items made from wood, paper or other porous substances from premature aging. Not only does this include expensive items such as old books or musical instruments, but also your furniture and even your wooden floors.
  • During warm weather, dry air is perceived as cooler and is more easily tolerated. Conversely, during the winter, many people find that dry air feels as if it were substantially cooler than the actual temperature. Raising the thermostat to a comfortable place will substantially increase the heating costs.
  • While shocks from static electricity are not inherently unsafe, they can cause damage to data on computers or other electrical equipment.
  • Respiratory and skin conditions can be triggered or made worse by living in a home with excessively dry air and poor indoor air quality.

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