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Learn Why to Buy HVAC Products With the Energy Star Logo

Your choice of HVAC products makes an impact on your comfort and energy budget for years to come. Opting for those that carry the Energy Star logo covers both dependable comfort and lower monthly cooling or heating bills.

What Is Energy Star?

The Energy Star program has been active for more than two decades and it has helped millions of consumers quickly identify products designed to use less energy. When you’re in the market for an HVAC system replacement, the logo helps you select those that will save energy

All HVAC equipment must undergo laboratory testing to measure its overall energy usage. Manufacturers submit applications for equipment that meets the efficiency standards for the Energy Star program to the U.S. Department of Energy for their approval, which they grant if:

  • The system works equally well under different climatic conditions.
  • Consumers will recoup any extra cost associated with the equipment in lower energy bills within a reasonable time period.
  • The features or components that contribute to exceptional energy savings are something that most consumers want and find beneficial.
  • The energy savings are measurable and verifiable.

How You Benefit

On a household basis, more efficient systems with the Energy Star logo will lower energy bills, helping you save money without reducing home comfort. Although there are many more variables associated with system installation and ongoing maintenance, high-efficiency HVAC equipment also tends to last longer. The components that achieve better efficiency often are better quality and the systems embed more efficient engineering designs. Longer lasting equipment saves the cost of system replacement and reduces the demand for raw materials.

You may also qualify for incentives from utility providers and governmental jurisdictions for choosing an Energy Star system to help offset your investment in a new system. High-efficiency HVAC equipment qualifies for the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) program that offers advantageous financing programs for homeowners who upgrade their homes or systems.

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