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3 Things You Should Stop Doing to Your San Marcos A/C

Air conditioning is one of the best features of a modern home, especially in areas like ours that experience hot summers. It’s easy to take it for granted until it stops working. Here are things to stop doing to your A/C so that it stays in good working condition longer.

No Energy Audit

Poor insulation and air leaks make your home hotter and add to your air conditioner’s workload. This not only reduces comfort but can also decrease the lifespan of your A/C.

Have an HVAC contractor perform an energy audit to determine any changes you should make to your home. Your contractor can also determine whether your current A/C unit is the right size for your home’s cooling needs. Undersized systems struggle to keep a home cool, and oversized systems suffer because they cycle on and off too frequently.

Forgetting to Change the Filter

The air filter keeps debris off system components and keeps your indoor air cleaner. Clogged air filters lead to dirty air conditioners, reducing airflow vital for normal system function.

Remember to change the air filter every month. Ask your contractor which filter type is best for your system and for your lifestyle needs. If you own pets or have someone in the home who has allergies, you need a filter that can efficiently trap dander and other allergens without decreasing airflow to your A/C.

No Regular Maintenance

Neglecting maintenance for your air conditioner can lead to small, easily fixed issues turning into bigger problems. Your air conditioner works hard and needs professional maintenance at least once a year before each operating season. During the maintenance visit, the service technician will clean the coils and other parts that can cause the system to malfunction if left dirty. He or she will also check refrigerant and make sure all components are operating correctly.

For more information about things to stop doing to your A/C, contact the home comfort pros at Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air.