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How Can Professional Duct Cleaning Benefit Your San Diego Home?

The wind in the San Diego, La Costa, and Oceanside areas does its part to keep the air outdoors clean, but maintaining good air quality at home takes some extra effort. In some cases, professional duct cleaning should be part of that effort. Having dirty ducts cleaned can benefit you in a number of ways.

Less dust in your air: A little dust isn’t harmful to most people, but when it reaches a certain level it can cause coughing and sneezing, not to mention add to your housework load. If your home seems unusually dusty, remove an air register cover and peek inside the duct. A buildup of dust and debris there suggests your whole duct system could use a cleaning. After remodeling is also a good time to schedule a duct inspection. Enough sawdust, carpet fiber, and other debris can accumulate in the ducts to make thorough cleaning necessary.

Reduced exposure to mold spores: Mold favors warm, moist locations so ducts with moisture problems are prone to mold growth. The tiny reproductive spores this fungus produces circulate via your ductwork through your home. Once in your air, they can trigger asthma attacks and allergy symptoms, as well as increase your risk of respiratory tract infection. Check inside your ducts for patches of brown, white, orange or other discoloration, which is likely to be mold that can be removed through professional duct cleaning. Moisture inside the ducts also warrants a call to a technician.

Protection from pest debris: Mice, bats, cockroaches, wasps and other pests that commonly invade ductwork leave behind debris that can end up in your home’s air. This debris aggravates asthma and allergies as well as spreads harmful bacteria. If you find droppings, hair, nests or dead bugs in your ducts, contact a heating and cooling technician. The technician can advise you on whether or not to call an exterminator or simply have the ducts cleaned if the pests have long since vacated.

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