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The Cost of a Water Heater Installation Can Be Expensive — Plan Ahead

When it comes to making major improvements in your home or replacing appliances, it’s good to have a head start. Such improvements are costly and may require some time to save up. It is also good to know a thing or two about the process to ensure that things are done correctly. In the long run, your research and foresightedness will save you both time and money. This especially holds true when trying to determine the cost of water heater installation.

The cost of water heater installation can vary widely depending on what sort of unit the homeowner currently has, what sort of unit will replace the existing one and what needs to be done to the site to get it into compliance with current codes.

Most people choose a traditional gas-powered heater with a 50-gallon holding tank. You will find this type of installation at the lower end of the price spectrum. An on-demand water heater, while being the more energy efficient option, can cost two to three times as much to purchase and install as the more popular 50-gallon water heater. Because they are more common, a 50-gallon water heater is likely to take less time to install. An on-demand water heater can take longer to install. That is all time you will have to pay a technician for.

The cost of water heater installation is nothing, however, when compared to the cost of the damage that can be done to property and homeowners if the water heater is not installed properly. With gas heaters especially, if not vented properly, they can leak carbon monoxide into your home. That is why it is highly recommended that you have only an experienced professional install your water heater.

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