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Sherlock Air Makes Environmentally Responsible Purchases Affordable for San Marcos Homeowners with HERO Program

Sherlock Air is now helping to make air conditioning repair, air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services more affordable for you. We are excited to share the news that we are participating in the HERO Program. The HERO Program is new to the San Diego area and offers up to 100% financing for environmentally responsible purchasing for your home, including your HVAC systems.

At Sherlock Air, we are a commitment to providing top quality air conditioning repair and improving indoor air quality in San Marcos homes. This is why we are happy to offer the HERO Program to our customers and to explain the HERO Program to all of you. Understanding the HERO Program will make it possible for you to take advantage of it. And doing so will allow you to purchase the kinds of products that make your home more environmentally responsible from the inside out.

Insight from your San Marcos Air Conditioning Repair Experts: What is the HERO Program?

Homeowners can use the HERO Program to purchase a range of energy-efficient products. The HERO Program is a financing program with tax-deductible interest. The program allows you to pay back your financing loan via your yearly property taxes.

Over 150,000 products are covered by the HERO Program, which stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity. Loans through the HERO Program to purchase products that improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency do not always require money down and aren’t based upon credit approval.

HERO Program Benefits

The HERO Program offers San Marcos homeowners a variety of benefits that help to make energy efficient purchasing easy and affordable without the pitfalls that other kinds of loans can present.

Explore the HERO Program in more detail and learn how it offers you the opportunity to purchase air conditioning and heating systems that improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

How Can I Use the HERO Program to Pay for My Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System?

Contact us to learn more about the HERO Program and how you can use it to pay for an energy efficient air conditioning system in your San Marcos home.

Environmental responsibility and energy efficiency are important for all of us now and in the future. That is one of the many reasons why we are proud members of the HERO Program. We look forward to helping make it more affordable for you to be more environmentally responsible and more comfortable in your home.

Learn more about the HERO financing program for HVAC systems in San Diego in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the HERO website. You can also check your eligibility for HERO Financing.