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Don’t Neglect Fall Maintenance on Your Furnace

Regular preventative care is critical to keep your home’s heating system operating properly. Scheduling fall maintenance on the furnace also ensures that it performs safely and at optimal efficiency throughout the heating season. Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain from the many tasks performed during a professional system checkup:

  • You’ll be protected from hazardous fumes, deadly carbon monoxide (CO) and the risk of fire. Checking the gas lines and connections for leaks and examining the heat exchanger(s) for cracks enhances safety. Inspecting the thermocouple, tightening all the electrical connections and testing the high limit control can prevent a fire due to overheating, or a potential explosion.
  • A skilled technician can identify needed adjustments that extend the service life of the equipment. Testing for proper current and voltage on the motor and inspecting the condition of the belt can avert a sudden mid-season failure. Cleaning the blower assembly ensures that it keeps working reliably.
  • You’ll enjoy lower energy bills and greater comfort. Some key tasks boost the heating system’s energy efficiency such as lubricating the motor and fan to reduce friction, checking for proper burner operation to reduce fuel waste, and testing the fan control for accuracy. Others ensure that your home stays comfortably warm, including properly calibrating the thermostat and testing the furnace’s start-up cycle.

Follow-up Steps to Take After Professional Furnace Maintenance

You can maximize the benefits of a fall furnace tuneup by performing these tasks over the winter:

  • Keep the blower motor bearings well-lubricated by adding a drop or two of oil if your unit has oil cups.
  • Once a month, shut off the furnace circuit breaker, open the blower compartment and vacuum out any accumulated debris and dust.
  • Check the air filter every month. Replace it whenever there’s a visible accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • Periodically check the batteries in your thermostat and any smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace them as needed.

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