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Heat Pump Maintenance Makes A Bigger Difference Than You Think

Routine heat pump maintenance isn’t complex, but it can noticeably affect your heat pump’s performance and energy efficiency.

Why Maintenance Matters

Taking good care of your heat pump has several benefits for your system and you.

Better performance — Dirt and debris in your system interfere with proper airflow and heat transfer, so the system can’t perform the way it was designed to. For example, dirt on the system’s evaporator coil reduces its ability to cool air.

Higher efficiency — Good maintenance will help you avoid the 10 to 25 percent drop in efficiency that happens when you neglect your heat pump too long.

Longer component life — Keeping your heat pump components clean ensures they reach the lifespan for which they were designed, so you won’t be stuck with a bill for early replacements. For instance, replacing your filter as needed protects your fan motor from excess wear.

Caring for Your Heat Pump

There are a few basic heat pump maintenance jobs you can take care of yourself to keep your heat pump in good condition.

Attend to the air filter — The impaired airflow caused by a clogged filter is one of the most common causes of HVAC system breakdowns. Change your filter monthly or as necessary according to the filter manufacturer’s recommendations.

Clean the outdoor coil — Dirt on your outdoor condensing unit impairs airflow and reduces efficiency. Remove leaves, grass clippings and other debris from the unit’s fins. Once or twice a year, clean the unit by turning it off, removing the fan, and using a moderate-pressure spray from a hose to rinse down the find from the inside out.

Maintain the registers and vents — Periodically check that none of your supply registers or return-air vents are blocked by furniture, drapes or other items. When your registers or vents look dirty, remove them and clean them with a mild detergent. Vacuum out the inside of the registers to minimize dust in your home.

If you could use some guidance on correct heat pump maintenance or you’re ready to schedule your heat pump’s annual tune-up, contact us at Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.