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Spring Clean These Energy Myths Out of Your Routine

It’s good to follow energy-saving practices, but only if they are truly effective. Unfortunately, many myths are floating around, perpetuated by those who aren’t informed. Don’t be one of them. Here’s a list of some most popular energy-saving myths:

  • Setting the thermostat higher for faster heating: The rate at which heat is distributed is dependent on the power of your heater, not the thermostat setting. You can crank up the thermostat, but it won’t make the heater work faster. Instead, install efficient insulation that prevents heat from escaping.
  • Using screensavers saves energy: To your computer, a screensaver is just another program like a word processor or a browser. To save energy when the computer is not in use for a few minutes, set it to sleep mode.
  • Leaving the computer overnight on sleep mode is fine: A few minutes on sleep mode is okay, but several hours isn’t. A computer on sleep mode still uses energy. Even when you’re sleeping, both the CPU and the monitor are working, ready to spring to life anytime. Shut the computer down and unplug it if you’re retiring for the night.
  • Switching off appliances and gadgets while they’re plugged in doesn’t use up energy: ‘Vampire power’ refers to the electricity sucked in by devices when they’re left plugged in the socket even when they’re not in use. Unplug all electronics after turning them off.
  • Leaving a lamp on saves energy instead of turning it off and on again: Turning a lamp off for a few minutes saves more energy than leaving it on. The act of turning on the switch uses power, but it’s nowhere near the electricity needed to run the lamp for a minute or two.
  • Using solar panels on a cloudy day won’t collect enough energy: Solar panels work better on a sunny day, but they still collect energy on a cloudy day. As long as it’s daytime, solar panels continue working.

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