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The Condensing Gas Furnace: Key Installation Considerations

If you’ve decided to unlock energy efficiency with a condensing gas furnace installation in your San Diego area home, you’ll want to make sure you get a professional installation job. This furnace is a long-term investment in both home comfort and energy efficiency.

The Contractor

You are investing a lot of money in a valuable home improvement, after all, so you deserve honest, complete answers from your contractor.

  • How many installations of the same model furnace has the contractor performed? (You don’t want to be the first or second recipient of a new model.)
  • How many furnace makes and models does the contractor handle? (It’s very difficult to be masters of many models.)
  • Can the contractor provide names and numbers of references who received the same furnace model? (Follow up: call the references.)
  • If problems arose with previous installations, how were they handled?
  • What sort of training from the furnace manufacturer has the contractor received?
  • Does the contractor have complete customer satisfaction as a business goal? (You need to know what to expect with callbacks if problems arise.)

The Installation

Have the contractor show you how the proper size for your furnace was calculated. This should not be a back-of-the-envelope calculation. A furnace that is too big for your space will waste energy, provide uneven heating, and stress system parts. One that’s too small will struggle to heat your home on cold days.

  • The condensing gas furnace installation should include a concrete pad or layer of bricks elevating it, so minor flooding won’t affect the furnace.
  • Your furnace should either sit level or slope slightly toward the drain for unimpeded condensate drainage.
  • The furnace’s exhaust vent should slope upward away from it, so condensate will drain into the furnace.
  • The furnace’s air intake should bring in clean outside air (inside home air has contaminants from bleach, spray cleaners, paints and other volatiles).
  • The exhaust and intake pipes should be near each other so air pressure (from wind blowing across the pipes) is equal.
  • All electrical connections should be grounded for safety.

For more helpful hints on the best condensing gas furnace installation for your Carlsbad or North San Diego area home, please contact us at Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning.