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Ceiling Fans: A Simple Springtime Fix May Lie Overhead

Spring is afoot, and the key to saving money on energy bills and keeping your home cool this summer may be hanging overhead and depend on your ceiling fan direction.

Whether you live near the coast, in a valley or in the mountains, you’re sure to have those San Diego days when the temperature spikes and your home begins to feel a little warmer than you’d like it to. A great way to counteract Mother Nature’s heat waves is to make sure the rotation of your ceiling fan is counterclockwise.

A counterclockwise rotation will create a windchill effect, making the entire room feel cooler, even though you haven’t adjusted your thermostat at all.

According to the United States Department of Energy, a ceiling fan rotating counterclockwise will allow you to set your thermostat four-degrees higher in the warm spring and summer months without feeling any warmer in your home. Over the course of a long, warm San Diego spring and summer, those four degrees add up to significant savings on your energy bill.

Making sure your ceiling fan direction is counterclockwise in the spring, combined with proper air conditioner maintenance and even duct sealing, can help keep you cool–and help you save a lot of cash this spring and summer–regardless of whether you live near the ocean, in the valley or on a mountain.

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