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Why An Energy Evaluation Is Vital For Your California Home

Another scorching summer is on the way here in Southern California, and you may be wondering what to do to prepare your home for the weather. Air conditioner maintenance, energy efficiency, and proper sealing of air leaks are all essential to keeping your bills low and your cooling system functioning properly. The simplest way to figure out where problem areas exist in your home is to schedule a home energy evaluation.

During an energy evaluation, a professional inspector will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection, searching for leaks, wasteful appliances, and other common issues. To prepare for your evaluation, be sure that all areas of your house are easily accessible. The inspector will need to examine every nook and cranny of your rooms, closets, attic, and basement to determine where any air leaks might be.

One of the major benefits of hiring a professional to conduct your evaluation is that the specialized tools that energy auditors often use are much more reliable at finding issues than the average homeowner is. This equipment is meant to locate air leaks that aren’t obvious or even visible. A blower-door test is a common part of an energy evaluation, and involves changing the pressure of the house, sometimes filling the whole house with a harmless smoke, in order to locate all air leaks. Another common tool used in energy evaluations is a thermographic camera. Thermographic cameras detect temperature when aimed at a wall or other surface, and be incredibly useful in locating areas with missing insulation or air leaks.

Perhaps the most important part of an energy evaluation is what follows the actual audit. After a careful inspection of your home, your energy auditor will present the findings of the evaluation, and give advice on what can be done to fix any problems. Once you have this information, get to work on sealing things up immediately, and fixing any other problems that were discovered during your evaluation.

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