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Looking for An HVAC Contractor? 5 Tips To Find The Best

When your HVAC equipment fails, it’s natural to want to get it repaired right away. But before rushing into anything, take a few deep breaths and go through these important tips about hiring an HVAC contractor.

Check contractor has a valid license

The State of California requires that home contractors have a valid license, so before selecting a contractor check that the company is licensed. If the contractor is not licensed do not consider them, it’s illegal to be unlicensed.

Expect a proper home evaluation

Modern HVAC systems are complex and must be carefully designed, sized, and installed to work efficiently. When hiring an HVAC contractor you should expect them to spend time checking your existing equipment, ductwork, and measuring the rooms properly. If they don’t do this but recommend major alterations, it’s a sign that they may be taking you for a ride.

Provision of detailed written estimates

Your contractor should provide you with a detailed estimate of the work. When equipment is to be replaced, ask for specific details regarding the brand and model the contractor proposes installing. Always obtain three estimates and be suspicious of any particularly low or high estimates.

Check references

Once you have received your estimates, and before hiring an HVAC contractor, ask for names of recent customers and phone them to verify that they were happy with the quality of the work. This essential step will give you a good indication of the contractor’s reliability.

Sign on the dotted line

When you are replacing HVAC equipment it is wise to insist that both you and the contractor sign the proposal or a written contract specifying in detail the work the contractor will be doing. Ensure this includes specific model numbers, schedule of work, and warranty conditions. This important step in hiring an HVAC contractor will protect you in the event of any dispute.

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