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How A Zoning System Can Give You More Comfort Control

Despite the fantastic weather that San Diego typically enjoys year-round, it’s still possible to experience uneven temperatures in your home. If comfort levels seem to be sporadic, a zoning system may be exactly what you need.

Why Traditional Heating and Cooling Isn’t Enough

Many of us don’t think about it when we switch on our heating or cooling system, but as the equipment runs, it is being forced to condition your entire home. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone in your living room or bedroom — if you want to improve your comfort level, you have no choice but to take a whole-house approach. This leads to an astounding waste of energy in most case, which can easily be avoided with the installation of a zoning system by a licensed contractor.

Zoning Systems Increase Comfort

A zoning system allows you to split your home into different areas, each with its own thermostat, plus individual heating and cooling capabilities. By utilizing a central control panel, you can set different temperatures for each area. This gives you more control over the comfort level of each room, especially for rooms on another floor or those with a somewhat unique design like large sun-facing windows or high ceilings.

Lower Energy Costs

You can also save a great deal of money with zoning systems. As mentioned above, when you run your equipment in order to condition a single occupied room, you waste energy as it’s forced to treat your entire home. This is especially true if you’re not in the same room where the thermostat is located. By focusing your heating or cooling efforts on a finite amount of space, your HVAC equipment will be able to shut off much more quickly. This leads to a more efficient use of equipment and can even improve its longevity.

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