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Your Energy-Efficient Home and Its Interdependent Systems

If you think of your home as a body, you might better understand the interdependence of its systems. When you injure your ankle and have to use crutches, the rest of your body has to make up for and accommodate what the ankle does naturally. The same holds true for your home. If one system falters, it affects them all. For an energy-efficient home, you need to make sure all of the systems are working properly. Below is a list of things to check to maximize the efficiency.

Air Sealing

If your house is drafty, your conditioned air is leaking out while the exterior air leaks in. This causes your heating/cooling system to work harder to accomplish the same results. By sealing air leaks with weather stripping or caulk, you keep the conditioned air inside and help your HVAC system run more effectively.


Ducts are the transportation system for conditioned air. If they are not properly isealed, you can lose some of your heated or cooled air into parts of the house you don’t use, like the attic or crawl space. Uninsulated ducts won’t keep the conditioned air as warm or cool either. This, too, causes your HVAC system to work harder than necessary. Remedy the problem by checking ductwork for gaps and poor connections, and insulate ducts that run through unconditioned areas.


An energy-efficient home is properly insulated to keep heat from escaping or entering, depending on the season. Your attic is the easiest spot to add insulation, and also the place where it can do the most good.


In addition to sealing your windows, as mentioned above, also consider shading them for energy efficiency. Bushes or shade trees outside the window prevent solar heating while still allowing natural light inside. Curtains and other window treatments can perform the same function from the inside of the window. In the winter, heavy drapes can provide an extra layer of insulation from the outside cold.

HVAC Maintenance

All of these systems work together to maintain a comfortable climate in your home. However, like the body, there are some components that are essential to the function of the others. An energy-efficient home is heated and cooled by an HVAC system that is properly maintained for maximum efficiency.

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