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Top Reasons to Invest in a Gas Heating System

Benefits of Gas Heaters

Since the combustion process of natural gas is near perfect, it releases very low carbon emissions to the atmosphere. In fact, burning gas produces 70 percent less sulfur, nitrogen dioxide and solid wastes than those produced by other fuels.

Discover why gas may just be the right option for your house heating needs:

Less expensive – Although natural gas may be hard to get, it’s far cheaper than electricity. The only deterrent may be the fact that the cost of buying and installing a gas heater is usually high. However, you’ll end up spending less cumulative costs in the long run.

Reliability – Natural gas is delivered to your home through well-built pipelines dug deep under the ground. This way, the supply isn’t prone to interruptions by adverse weather. Electricity, on the other hand, is more likely to be interrupted by weather conditions, such as cyclones, windstorms and hurricanes. In these cases, you have to seek emergency heating solutions that may cost a fortune.

Instant heat – When you turn on a gas heating system, it starts warming your house immediately. In contrast, you’ll have to wait for some time for your home to be completely heated by conventional electric heaters. The traditional coal and log fire-heating phenomenon takes a long time to be effective.

Lower cost of duct cleaningGas heaters don’t leave smoke or ash like coal and log fire heaters do. Similarly, the odors from traditional methods are usually undesirable. You’ll actually spend less money and time on cleaning gas heaters, guaranteeing long life and less maintenance costs.

Other reasons you should invest in a gas heating system, include:

  • Gas heaters have convenient and receptive control consoles
  • They’re ideal where solar-powered heaters are impractical
  • You have two options when using gas — mains/natural gas and LPG

Evidently, the advantages of using a gas heating system outweigh any other option. For more expert advice about reasons to invest in a gas heating system and other issues related to home comfort, please contact Sherlock Heating and Air Conditioning. We serve the San Diego area and other surrounding communities.