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How a Programmable Thermostat Enhances Your Heating Regimen

Setting your thermostat to one temperature and never making adjustments may be costing you money. Most people don’t change the setting multiple times each day. The result is your heating and cooling system is working hard to reach your set temperature at times when a lower degree of comfort would make more sense. This is not very energy efficient. There may be certain periods of the day when you would like a more comfortable setting, but you don’t want to change the temperature because of increasing your monthly energy expenses.

There is a way to have the best of both worlds. A programmable thermostat can enable you to program a lower comfort setting at sleep and away times and a higher degree of comfort during busy times in your home. Savings in energy costs can result without living in an uncomfortable home. There are programmable thermostats with various options available to meet the individual needs of every homeowner.

Programmable thermostats

  • 7-Day thermostats – Every day of the week can have separate programming with four periods available for each day.
  • 5+1+1 thermostats – Saturday can be programmed differently than Sunday and weekdays can have another set of programs. Four separate periods are available each day.
  • 5+2 thermostats – Weekdays can have one set of programs andweekends another. This is the least flexible thermostat, but still very useful for many families and capable of helping reduce monthly utility costs.

Modern thermostats have many additional features besides just controlling the temperature. A popular option on several thermostats is wireless control. You can adjust your programming from anywhere with a smartphone or other communications device. Other features include low battery indicator, a warning to change the air filter in you HVAC system, and the latest thermostats can use sensors throughout your home to allow separate settings from room to room. Another option is a signal to alert you when it is time for a professional inspection and cleaning.

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