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Holiday Energy Savings: the More the Merrier

Considering how much money is spent during the holidays, it makes sense to spend less whenever possible. If you’re looking to improve your holiday energy savings, there are a number of ways to spend less and even save money all year long. Don’t get frustrated over the costly energy bills this holiday season. Here are a few simple ways to reduce the strain on your budget.Decorations

This year, consider throwing out those old light bulbs and investing in some LED lights instead. LED lights last much longer, are much more reliable, and are affordable. Conventional holiday lights can break very easily, and many homeowners find themselves having to buy new lights anyway. Also, let the Christmas tree or candles illuminate your living room. This way you can save by turning off lights in the house. This also will help bring out the beauty of your holiday decor and give your home an inviting ambiance.

Cooking During the Holidays

For additional holiday energy savings, consider purchasing Energy Star labeled kitchen appliances. These appliances consume much less electricity and will last longer than old models. Also, use the microwave as often as possible instead of the oven. This can reduce your energy costs as well. When cooking in the oven, avoid opening the oven door more than necessary. The heat loss can cost big bucks.

Get a Battery Charger

You may find yourself running to the store to buy batteries on Christmas morning to buy new batteries for all those gifts that require them. Instead of spending cash on new batteries, and getting frustrated when you can’t find an open store, get a battery charger instead.

If you’d like more advice to increase your holiday energy savings, please contact us at Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air. Serving the North San Diego area and beyond, we have more than 10 years of experience in all things HVAC. To achieve better energy savings long after the holidays as well, ask about having a home energy audit performed.