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Take Control of Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality This Spring With These 9 Tips

Spring is the time for warmer weather and spending more time outdoors. However, if you have springtime allergies, it’s wise to focus on issues of indoor air quality before you throw open the windows and let pollen, grass and other allergens inside.

Take control of indoor air quality with these nine tips:

  1. Install a germicidal UV light. It’s easy to set up and helps purify the air by eliminating bacteria, viruses and mold that get into the HVAC system.
  2. Take off your shoes at the door. Most dirt and debris in your home is tracked in from outside. Make it a habit to take off your shoes at the door to decrease vacuuming needs (and, as an added bonus, keep your carpets looking cleaner longer).
  3. Replace the kitchen sponge. A moist, food-ridden sponge is bacteria’s playground. Prevent irritating bacteria from growing by changing out the sponge weekly or soaking it in bleach for 15 minutes.
  4. Remove excess moisture. Allergy-triggering mold needs moisture to grow, so installing a whole-house dehumidifier is an excellent solution for homeowners with a moisture problem.
  5. Wash bedding regularly. Use hot water to kill dust mites, microscopic pests that cause allergies. Hypoallergenic mattress covers and pillowcases are helpful to curb allergies as well.
  6. Dust without chemicals. Harsh dusting chemicals can irritate allergies. Instead, use microfiber cloths to trap dust.
  7. Invest in an air cleaner. This is useful all year round for removing dust, dirt, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and odorous vapors for better indoor air quality.
  8. De-clutter. As cute as all those knick-knacks are, they are difficult to dust. Keep surfaces clear so you can remove as much dust as possible when cleaning.
  9. Replace the HVAC filter. Check the filter in the air handler once a month and change it as needed. Keeping the filter clean allows it to trap airborne pollutants and helps keep energy bills low as well.

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