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Water Heater Maintenance: How Professional Help Will Extend The Life Of Your System

Water heater maintenance is a necessary step in the life and health of your system. Without maintenance, the unit would be subject to the corrosive buildup of sediment and minerals, which would eventually wreak havoc in the system, breaking down components and causing a complete system failure.However, with annual water heater maintenance, you can ensure that the professional attention your system receives ensures a lasting service life and efficient system operations. During a maintenance visit, the water heater technician will perform a comprehensive inspection of the unit, including these tasks:

  • Draining the water heater – It’s natural for the water that moves in and out of the water heater to carry with it sediment, dirt and other minerals. Over time, however, these tiny particles settle around the system’s components and line the tank, which will eventually slow down heat transfer and eat away at the tank. By draining the water heater, the technician flushes out all of this sediment buildup, until the unit runs clear water through the spigot. This one task alone may help you achieve higher energy savings as the unit operates — if it’s performed regularly.
  • Checking the safety valves – Because a water heater mixes liquid with electricity or gas fuel, and it operates under high pressure, checking the safety of the system is critical. Further, if your gas-operated system doesn’t properly vent carbon monoxide, your family could be at risk. Along with other vital safety checks, the technician will ensure that the pressure relief valve is operational.
  • Inspecting the anode rod – The anode rod plays a vital role in the health of your system. It basically acts like a magnet, drawing components like sediment and minerals to itself, so that the rest of the system isn’t harmed by them. However, this component may wear out quickly and require a replacement anode rod.

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