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Clues That Indicate A Problem In Your Air Ducts

Your San Diego area home’s indoor air must be kept in balance at all times in order to prevent a significant loss of energy, which will result in higher utility bills. One element of this balance is to ensure that your air ducts are in good working order.

Red flags to notice with your air ducts

If you pay attention to your ducts, you’ll be able to make any repairs before they get out of hand. Here are a few things you might notice:

  • Whistling sounds – A high-pitched whistling sound can often indicate a small tear in your ducts. The noise is caused by air escaping through the slit.
  • Rattling sounds – These are typically indicative of duct joints that have either disconnected or loosened.
  • “Boom” sounds – This can be caused by expansion and subsequent contraction due to the high temperature changes endured by the trunk joint.
  • Cold/hot spots – These issues are due to inefficient airflow, and often manifest because of blockages in your air ducts and/or cracks or gaps. Incorrectly sized ducts can also be the culprit, as well as improperly installed ones.
  • High energy bills – Though not technically a physical problem that you can see, except on paper, an increasing energy bill is a good indicator that something is amiss.

Fixing the problems

These issues aren’t anything to lose sleep over, as they’re typically easy to fix. You’ll first want to inspect the air ducts yourself. Check for any tears, punctures, dead-end ducts, broken joints, etc., and take the necessary steps to fix the issue. For example, if the problem is something as simple as air leakage, this can be remedied by sealing the problem areas with mastic sealant or metal tape. Of course, if you’re not confident about your abilities, or are having trouble locating the problems in the first place, hiring an HVAC expert to perform an energy audit and make repairs is a solid plan.

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