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Heat Pump Maintenance: What You Can Do and What Pros Should Handle

Heat pumps are one of the more popular methods of cooling a home during the summer and warming it during the winter. But to maintain an optimum temperature, heat pump maintenance is necessary. While much of this routine maintenance should be done by a trusted HVAC professional, there are some steps a homeowner can take to keep their heat pump operating at maximum efficiency.DIY heat pump maintenance
One of the easiest and most important maintenance tasks a homeowner can handle is checking the air filters monthly. Changing them out when they’re dirty prevents dirty fans, filters, and coils, all of which can reduce airflow in your system. The reduction of airflow also reduces system performance and can lead to compressor damage in your heat pump system.

It’s also advisable to clean outer coils whenever they appear dirty. Also, the fan will collect dirt over time. To remedy this, turn off your system and clean the fan. Removing vegetation and clutter around the outdoor portions of the system can also increase airflow and efficiency in your system.

Heat pump maintenance to leave to the pros
The services offered by a professional maintaining your system include:

  • Inspecting filters, blowers, ductwork and the other innermost parts of your system for debris and dirt accumulation.
  • Determining if there’s leaky ductwork and sealing it.
  • Measuring airflow to determine if the system’s forcing air properly.
  • Confirming the proper level of refrigerant is present and that there are no refrigerant leaks.
  • Checking electrical apparatus as well as tightening and cleaning connections.
  • Oiling motors and checking belts.
  • Verifying proper electrical control, as well as proper heating and cooling with no mixing of the two.

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