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Use Ductless Mini Splits? Stay on Top of Routine Maintenance for Efficiency

Ductless mini split systems have become a popular option for San Diego area home and business owners wanting to provide a flexible, efficient and economical means of heating and cooling their indoor environments. Just as with any heating and/or cooling system, however, long-term performance and optimal operation depend on proper ductless mini split maintenance. Some of this routine maintenance you can do yourself while some is best left to the experts.

Because of the importance of ductless mini split maintenance to ensure continued efficiency and economy of the system, many opt for enrollment in a regular preventative maintenance program offered by most quality HVAC service providers. Changing or cleaning filters in the mini split’s air handlers in a timely fashion, and keeping the outdoor unit free of debris with an occasional cleaning, are fairly straightforward operations but can sometimes be overlooked. Failure to accomplish these two “housekeeping” steps will reduce your system’s efficiency and most likely also shorten its lifespan. A pre-scheduled annual visit from an HVAC service professional will ensure these items are covered and should also include:

  • Cleaning evaporator coils
  • Removal and cleaning of indoor air quality components
  • Checking the balance of the fan wheel and the blower assembly
  • Checking for proper operation of the outdoor compressor and condensing unit and ensuring that it’s solidly mounted and level on its base
  • Inspecting refrigerant lines for leaks and the insulation wrap covering them

Filter changes are an important aspect of ongoing ductless mini split maintenance and are required more frequently than once or twice a year, so this operation shouldn’t be left for your annual or semi-annual professional maintenance service. Also, take care when mowing your lawn to keep grass from being blown into the compressor area, and cut back any vegetation encroaching into the outdoor unit’s space.

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