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Ready To Go Solar? You’ll Definitely Benefit

Solar. The word often encourages a love-hate relationship in homeowners enthralled by the idea of free energy. Home solar energy frees homeowners from the burden of high monthly electricity costs; however, many homeowners think the cost of installing solar squarely nudges them out of the market. If you like the idea of free electricity — and who wouldn’t — consider the very real, tangible benefits that solar affords — especially for homeowners in Southern California, where electricity prices are through the roof.

  • Once installed, and you pay back the initial investment in the equipment with free energy, you continue to receive free energy over the systems’ lifespan.
  • Speaking of lifespan, solar photovoltaic systems last a long time, longer than conventional air conditioners and heat pumps, and generally for several decades.
  • Maintenance is minimal, as solar equipment has few moving parts that wear out. Annual service visits are required, as they are with any other HVAC equipment, as well as regular cleanings of the photovoltaic panels.
  • Homeowners with grid-tied systems are always assured of electricity, regardless of solar potential. Your utility company allows you to draw electricity from the grid when the system doesn’t generate enough, but when you receive more solar than you need on any given day, the extra power is sent through the grid to the utility company, who then pays you for the energy in credits.

It’s important to note that a home solar energy system is probably more affordable than you’d think. Widely available technology, increased competition, and healthy federal tax credits have led to a decrease in price, particularly from the days when solar energy was only within the reach of the very wealthy. Further, it’s possible to wrap the cost of a solar system into a home mortgage, and making the possibility of using solar power very real.

Why not give solar the attention it deserves? You’ll be glad you did, once those energy bills no longer arrive in your mailbox every month. For more expert advice on solar or any other home heating and cooling need, contact Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air today. Serving homeowners in north San Diego.