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Are You Ready For An HVAC Maintenance Visit?

If you know the value of it, you’ve likely already scheduled a fall HVAC maintenance visit for your furnace or heat pump. Getting the unit ready for action before the cooler winter temperatures hit the north San Diego area is a smart move. The service, which includes a thorough cleaning, will not only prepare your heating system for duty, but the service also allows the heating technician to identify problems in the making. Once you’ve made the call to schedule the HVAC maintenance visit, there’s actually a few steps you, the homeowner, can take to prepare for the service.

  • Know your system. Think back to last season and recall any problems you experienced with the heating system. Was it operating well? Did it comfortably heat your home? If the system wasn’t operating at peak condition, be sure to let the heating technician know so that he or she can look for the source of the problem.
  • Make the system accessible. Whether the unit is located in the basement or garage, be sure that the technician is able to easily access the system, with enough space around it to perform the work and locate tools.
  • Get the owner’s manual or original system receipt so that you have access to the unit’s brand and model number should the technician require it.
  • Confirm the appointment time in your calendar. Someone will need to be at home to let the technician in. If upon confirming the date you find that you can’t accommodate the service, call to reschedule.
  • Don’t leave technicians alone in your home. Once you find a date in which you or an adult family member can be present in the home during the HVAC maintenance visit, be sure that you remain present in the home for the duration of the visit, should a question arise.

If you haven’t made the time to schedule a fall HVAC maintenance visit, do it today by calling Sherlock Plumbing, Heating & Air. We’ve been serving homeowners in the north San Diego area with quality HVAC services, installation, and repairs, as well as offering indoor air quality solutions and duct cleaning.